Why we struggle with turning ideas into reality

- and what to do about it.

Imagine creating a really interesting idea! You are on to something that might become a huge success, you can feel it… You have put time and effort into it, made all the calculations, predictions, plans, presentation templates, a website, maybe even a prototype… and then nothing happens. For some reason or another it never sees the light of day.

The struggle with turning an idea into reality is, as far as my experience shows, the most common struggle within idea generation. I am willing to bet you a free online course that either you - or someone you know - has felt it at some point in your professional life. Believe me, I have, multiple times.

Most of the time (all of the time?) we blame ourselves for not bringing and idea to life, when in fact, we should either blame the process, or… reconsider the idea itself. In this week’s video I share four reasons why we struggle with idea execution - and what to do about it.

You see, I do believe that if something is interesting enough, if we are enough passionate (I actually dislike this word in this context, but I’ll take it this time) about something, then we will find the time, take the risks, put in the money and do everything that is in our power to make that idea a reality. The moment we realize that we are not (longer?) eager to put in the needed effort should be the wake up call saying that maybe… just maybe…. we are working on a wrong idea.

My approach to idea generation is totally pragmatic and not very “romantic”. But one thing is the same for romance and ideas: when it’s right, you’ll know. And if it’s not right, there will be no progress. So if you are still beating yourself about that idea you SHOULD HAVE launched by now, but aren’t particularly excited about the process - then maybe you are not a match made in idea heaven.

If you prefer to read about it, or want to know even more, download this free PDF: “How to turn your idea into reality”.