Why letting an idea speak for itself is a bad strategy

Let’s face it. Your ideas need you. No idea will ever work better with the idea generator taking the back seat. In fact, I will give you not one but 4 reasons for why you need be a visible ambassador for your idea:

  1. The know - like - trust factor. People buy from people they know, like and trust. If you are not showing yourself as the person behind your idea, the idea seems anonymous.

  2. People crave the story behind the idea. That story involves the person. You.

  3. If you have ever compared your ideas to your babies - and for all who have kids - you need to be a present parent in order for your ideas (kids) to grow and develop.

  4. Reverse psychology. You might show up for your idea and fail. Or you might succeed. One thing is clear though: if you choose not to show up, there will be no possibility of succeeding. And you don’t want to set your idea up for failure, do you?