The three most common idea generation struggles.

Like with everything else, different people have different takes on idea generation. Some find it extremely easy meanwhile others get stressed out by the bare thought of coming up with an idea. From time to time I ask my followers and students what they struggle with the most and these 3 things ALWAYS come up.

(in random order)

Being out of ideas.

Imagine your boss rushing into your office at 8.30 AM, asking you to “come up with some exciting ideas for the 9 AM meeting.” Or picture a client coming over in two hours and those new ideas you promised a few weeks ago just can’t seem to emerge…

Some of you might just have started sweating - and you are not alone! Not being able to create an idea is frustrating. However, this is an ability - or a skill - that can be (easily) trained.

Bringing ideas to life.

This struggle is actually the most common one. So many people seem to be masters of planning, but when it comes to execution…. nope.

This one is tricky, because the reasons for not moving forward can be anything from striving for perfection, to simply lack of time, to fear of success (not the same as fear of failure, even worse actually!). This struggle needs to be adressed the most by clever idea generation coaching. We wouldn’t want a life changing idea to go to waste, would we?

Having too many ideas and no structure.

You are working on something really exciting, something that you came up with recently and you are convinced that this is your next big thing. But wait! This another idea that you JUST cracked is also intriguing! Plus… that idea you got during your walk earlier today would be cool to do something about…

IS THIS YOU? If so, you are a “popcorn person”, new ideas constantly pop up and each one seems “delicious” (popcorn = delicious, get it?).

To some people this ability seems like heaven, but if a popcorn person wants to go after every single idea - soon enough she gets overwhelmed and loses focus. I know because this has happened to me and I don’t want it to happen to you.

Since you are here, I take it that you are interested in idea generation. Whatever struggle you might have, if any, let’s get rid of it - shall we?

Let’s talk!