Should one share unfinished ideas in public?

The short answer for the impatient: YES! One should. The longer answer follows:

The question whether to share unfinished ideas with the audience is one of the most common ones I get when speaking, teaching and coaching. Usually, one of the two concerns appear: an idea that is not finished is not good enough (yet) and the creator feels embarrassed by showing something in progress, or the creator is afraid that someone will steal the unfinished idea. In this week’s video on YouTube I adress both those questions.

But in case you choose not to watch the video, here are some takeaways: there is a huge difference between “half-ass” and “in progress”. Your fans and followers are eager to follow you on your journey towards a finished idea. They want to help you succeed, and who knows, they might have just the missing piece of your idea that you’ve been thinking about for months!
If you are afraid that someone will take your idea and make their own version of it? My friend, that can happen anyway and, to be honest, there is not much you can do about it. Be aware that nobody can ever fully copy your concept, you are the only one who will create your idea your way. In the video I give two examples of how this works.

I hope that this helps. And I hope that you are not sitting on a goldmine of an idea, and not share it because it for some reason is not finished yet. And if so, at least let me help you finalize it so that it can see the light of day!

(original photo: Tima Miroshnichenko for pexels)