Introducing.... Psychology of Ideas

On my arm I have a tattoo saying: “all I’ve known, all I’ve done, all I’ve felt was leading to this” (it’s a piece of lyrics from this beautiful song!) A powerful quote that I’ve lived by for over a decade, but a few months ago I actually found “the one I’ve waited for”. My “thing”, my niche for the rest of my professional career (oh wow, that sounded really dramatic!)

If you’d google “psychology of ideas” until recently, you would find ideas for psychological experiments and psychology ideas that work in different scenarios. To my great surprise there was NOTHING on the psychological aspects of idea generation or how to use psychology to help creating ideas. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that God (or the Lord of Internet) was saving this topic for me. So I snatched it!

Why? Because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been helping clients with idea generation and since 1998 I’ve regretted choosing law over psychology and now I’ve allowed myself to correct that mistake by being back at Lund University to take my master. In the summer of 2023 I will be able to call myself a Psychologist, but already now I am claiming that niche.

So, my friend, let me introduce:


Let’s agree on the fact that psychology of ideas is about:

1.  the mechanism(s) behind one’s idea generation process

2.  idea generation with the customers’ existing or desired behavior in mind

Will you join me on this trip? Follow? Hold my hand? Guide me?
Let’s create a new category of science!