Idea Generation Reading List March 2021

They say:

If your mind is the tree that produces ideas, information is fertilizer for the soil1

And still, a lot of time is spent consuming content that will not benefit the future quality of our work. So… I’ve put together yet another reading list if you wish to digest into something really inspiring and relevant for idea generation and creative business thinking.


“5 reasons your creative muscle is loosing strength - and how to fix it” - once again Nicolas Cole is a pleasure to read, and this time (even more so than usual) he tells it like it is.

“4 questions to ask yourself before implementing your idea” - by yours truly. This one is most relevant for people who come up with ideas all the time, and would love to chase every single one of them. I call them “popcorn people” and I used to be one.

“Innovation in Times of Crisis” - by George Krasadakis, because the pandemic is not going anywhere.

“5 innovation practices for building and managing an innovation program” by Pearl Zhu, whom I just discovered and straight away contacted on LinkedIn (for a future podcast talk maybe?)


“Marketing made simple” by Donald Miller and JJ Peterson. Listen! This is NOT an idea generation book, and at the same time it 100% is. This is all about refining our business message and giving our ideas the optimal conditions to thrive. It’s a bold statement to say that a book changed my life, but this one has.

“Unleashing the ideavirus” by Seth Godin and Malcom Gladwell. Oldie but so relevant! So if you are interested in idea generation, this one is a must.

Am I missing something that should be here? Send me an e-mail to and I’ll include it in the reading list for April.

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