2 867 849 ideas needed.

Did you know that 47% of all people in Sweden between 18 and 70 would consider starting their own business?1 That is, according to my math, about 6 101 806 people. Give or take. Imagine the amount of good those people could do with just one awesome business idea each. We are looking at 2 867 849 ideas yet to be discovered (minus all those that are already running their firms! But still. Try to take in this number…)

Imagine 2,8 M great ideas - and then imagine 2,8 M bad ideas. Jeezus, that would be horrific! But you know what would be even more horrific?? 2 867 849 MEDIOCRE business ideas - those that seem good at first glance, but don’t take us forward. God forbid. (I wrote a story for Medium a while ago with control questions to ask yourself before implementing an idea - check it out here)

If you are a person who is playing with the thought of becoming an Entrepreneur - or if you already are and thinking about what your next idea should be… make sure to validate it and have it run by experts. I don’t necessarily mean me (well, I do, but let’s be humble…), but someone who understands ideas. Or take a course and learn about it for yourself. Something, so that your idea will be one of the good ones.

p.s. The main 2 reasons for wanting to start a business, according to this report are 1: the opportunity for personal growth and… idea generation and 2: potential to make money. The money will come with good ideas. Just saying.